Monday, February 4, 2013

Gamestop Closing 500 Stores in 2013

They say bad news comes in threes; THQ files bancruptcy and relinquishes its assets, IGN is bought, and now Gamestop is downsizing in the wake of low stats.

2012 annual sales figures were recently released, and according to Business Insider, the used game juggernaut is downsizing across the country. At least 500 GameStop stores are potentially closing their doors, and there aren’t too many gamers that are sad to hear it.

In the wake of subpar sales, smear campaigns by rental companies like GameFly, and a general loss of respect by frequent customers, GameStop has been slowly losing business for a while. Many major retailers like Best Buy and Target are already carrying previously owned games. Meanwhile, digital gaming is taking control, and despite the efforts to start selling prepaid Steam gift cards, most gamers are staying away from GameStop.

GameStop’s future becomes bleaker when considering the next Microsoft and Sony consoles may or may not support used games. On top of that uncertainty, Game Stop also has to compete with the rise of online phone games, indie games, and a potential wave of microconsoles set to release over the next year.

In this digital age it was inevitable that store fronts would disappear but the realization that it is indeed happening infront of our eyes is still shocking. How do you feel about this news?

-Daniel, Jedi Editor


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