Monday, February 4, 2013

The Sticky Floor Podcast: Ep. 1

TechFixation has a new movie podcast to be a companion to the video game podcast hosted by Dexter and Richard. CamSky, Caleb Smith, and myself are the hosts and in our first episode we discuss Superman, Xmen, World of Warcraft, and more.

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One of the best parts of the show is our reviews. Each episode we'll review a movie mentioned in the previous week/episode. We'd love it if you sugfested movies for us to watch. For this episode we suggested the Korean Thriller OldBoy, and The Man From Nowhere for next episode's reviews.

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-Daniel, Jedi Editor


  1. Captain America is an idol! Young boys can look up to that man for inspiration and daily lessons on what he stands for.


    1. "Technically each Avenger is an idol or role model. 

      Tony stark teaches us no matter how rich you are or well off, you are still mortal and no amount of intelligence or wealth can protect you. Its a way of saying "stay grounded."

      The Hulk teaches us to control our emotions. Never react without thinking of the consequences and most of all know your limits; understand your weaknesses and become a better individual from them.
      He also shows that being unique is a good thing. Embrace the idea of non-conforming.

      Thor Odinson teaches us the Spiderman Life Motto; With Great power comes great responsibility. He grew up and became a demigod king of Asgard. He shows us the actions of valor, honour, respect, and valience.

      Captain America is the poster boy for courage and resilience. To never back down when you are underestimated and anything is possible once you are determined to succeed.

      Black Widow just proves redheads in skin-tight lycra can look sexy and kill you with the quickness.

      HawkEye reminds everyone that a Bow is still one of the greatest weapons even after a millenia of use."

  2. I agree Mr. Anonymous! lol (it was me)

    The psychology and the overall moral of the big headed and egotistical group of which most would consider heros, is a crucial aspect of each battle. most dont realize but, he is amazing at playing mind games with his pals to manipulate the situation. one thing thing that can and often makes the difference in a fight is having the heart to drive the finishing offensive moves. can anyone please name any other that has even half the drive? most fight because they simply have the ability therefore feel obligated. Or at times they need to feel the challenge. but to have the sense of purpose and to know that you are doing some good to help humanity.

    I would play the " he came from the back alley's and a broken home" card but, that arguement wouldn't hold up to a few others that come to mind.

    Knowing that there isn't a reason to stop or a reason to think anything other than you have to do it. The thought of knowing without a doubt you can make that jump or that you must (not a can I or a I might be able to) win this 6 on 1 battle, is a deadly characteristic to carry.

    id love to hear your thoughts on this and maybe i can voice my opinion on your podcast

  3. Im the second anonymous. I dont know why it didnt take my profile.


  4. You should review "hunger for change"! It's a great documentary. And btw.... DC is way better than Marvel. Marvel is just so pathetic.

  5. lol Mel18, why do you prefer DC of Marvel?

  6. For so many reasons. All of the marvel superheroes are nothing to be proud of. Universal is more driven by making money. I don't think they put any time and effort into thier films. They try to get it out there as fast as they can and they try to make as many as possible. Dc is more particular. They are more careful. They put movies out for the fans and not the ten year olds. And read a marvel graphic novel then read a dc graph novel. 80% of the time dc is better (all depending on the writers of course). And I think you're ridiculous if you can honestly say that Spider-Man is better than batman. Just go die.