Saturday, September 29, 2012

About Us

A website created by consumers (Dexter Jaekel and Richard Hodges) for consumers. We were sick of the perspectives of people in the industry who have lost touch with the actual prices and costs of games and tech because they never have to spend their own money on said items. Everything we review and talk about we have bought and paid for with our own money, allowing us to tell you truly if it is a good value and worth your time.

A podcast about Tech, Gaming, and Nerdisms. Hosts  and . Records Every Week to keep you up to speed and in the know on all your Gaming and Technology needs!

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The Writers!

Dexter Jaekel


Preferred System: Playstation 3

Favorite Game Genres: Action Adventure, Stealth Espionage Action, RPG, JRPG, Horror

Favorite Movie Genres: Suspense, Thriller, Action, Drama, Comedy

About Me: I have always enjoyed video games and tech. In my early years, playing video games were the happiest moments of my life. They were my sanity when things were uncertain. Now, my life is 1000 times better, but video games still remain as my favorite source of entertainment. Tech Fixation was created to help being a Down To Earth Consumer perspective on the game and tech industry. Also, I love Anime and all things Japanese. 

Matt Holt

Games/Tech Editor

Preferred System: PlayStation 3

Favorite Game Genres: Action/Adventure, Stealth, Action RPG, Racing, some FPS's, anything abstract or different.

Favorite Movie Genres: Sci-Fi, Action, Comedy, Comic Book, Zombies, (good) Thrillers.

About Me: UK based gamer of 20+ years and a film fan for even longer; (too) obsessed with Metal Gear Solid; amateur DJ (which just means a spare room filled with decks and a load of old vinyl); can be found most Sundays of the year refusing to do anything until the F1 Racing is finished.  I've always loved new tech, from commercially available products through to the latest scientific testing equipment (don't snigger, there's some seriously impressive kit out there).  I like to try and keep up with it all but it's not easy considering how fast everything moves.  I spend my spare time thinking about what to write on this site, hoping it makes sense when it's posted, and that someone might try something new because of it.  I am an ordinary consumer and do this for my own satisfaction.

Caleb Smith

Tech Editor/Sticky Floor Co-Host

Preferred System: Playstation 3

Favorite Game Genres: Action/Adventure, Sci-Fi/Fantasy RPG, Tactical Espionage Action, whatever the hell Bioshock is.

Favorite Movie Genres: Indie, Comedy, Thriller/Horror, Drama, Historical

About Me: I'm a film buff, avid gamer, and passionate writer. I'm also a NerdCore Hip-Hop artist (Off the Charts by Smithy available on iTunes now) and I performed the theme song for the Tech Fixation podcast. I have big dreams of making it in the entertainment industry someday, so right now, I'll write about it!

John Schwartz
News Editor

Preferred system: PC

Favorite game genres: RPG, MOBA, open world, action adventure, FPS

Favorite movie genres: Comedy, Documentary, Action Adventure, Westerns

About Me: Ever since I was old enough to be jealous of my brothers playing video games, I was. I grew up on Earthworm Jim and the n64, and I still love to play and talk about video games as I did back then. I write about video games not only because it's something I love to do, but because I can't imagine myself doing anything else. I'm currently a sophomore at Ohio university, studying journalism.

Roger Havens
Reviews Editor/Sticky Floor Co-Host

Preferred system: PlayStation 3/ PS Vita

Favorite game genres: Action/adventure, RPG, Arcade racing, First and third person shooters.

Favorite movie genres: Comedy, Action, Western, Mystery and Sci-Fi.

About me: I absolutely love Games, movies and technology. If I have the money I always get the next best gadget. I enjoy going camping and drinking fine Scotch. Not necessarily at the same time. Stay Classy, Internet.

Message me sometime on Twitter: @Afro_Gear or play a game on PSN at the same name.

Cameron SkaymanExecutive Entertainment Editor 

Preferred System: iPad, PS3

Favorite Games genres: Tower Defence, RPG, Fighting, Angry Birds.

Favorite Movies Genre: Horror, Sci-fi, anything that isn't indie and artsy

About Me:  I'm Canadian, Period. When I'm not hanging out in my igloo, I love to ski and camp with my girl. Movies are my passion, and my brain has too much ridiculous knowledge for a person to handle. Batman and Robin is a great flick no matter what people say. If you disagree or wanna contact me, hit me up on the twitters @cam_sky. Remember folks, don't spell out underscore, it's the symbol ;)