Sunday, February 17, 2013

Bungie reveals 'Destiny'

Bungie has released a video detailing their next video game, titled Destiny.
What has been revealed so far would appear to be a first-person MMO, complete with classes and an overarching, world spanning storyline.
In the video, Bungie also showcases what appears to be a social media aspect to the game, where you can link iPhone apps and all your friends to the experience you will have online.
The game so far seems to take some pages out of a few different games' books, most obviously Halo for the art design, but also Guild Wars 2 with the heavy emphasis on concept art and engaging storyline.
As more gets revealed, you can check back right here for the more up-to-date information on Destiny, Bungie's latest game.
News Editor
John Schwartz


  1. I'm sold. Before this video I was unsure about Bungie's new endeavor but this is it. This is the next step in gaming. The fact that Bungie has announced that this series will be thier life for ten years is astounding. They have confidence in this saga and I'm with them. Lets get this rolling on next-gen and play some Destiny!
    ...until TESVI comes out

  2. Not at all interested but that's simply because I don't play those type of games. Simply don't have the time or energy to devote to it.

    1. Im thinking it will be like Borderlands 2 on steroids with wonderful mobile integration. I could see myself losing a lot of time into this game, provided that they stay true to the concepts they are talking about today.

  3. Interesting concept, and almost screams next gen if the scope is over 10 years. The social media/app integration is a must with the MMO barrier usually being availability of people and keeping their interest. Need some more details out of Bungie though, not clear enough yet on how the first instalment will play out.