Sunday, February 17, 2013

Destiny Concept Art & Info Blowout - IGN Breaks Embargo

Some info extracted from the video:
- Destiny is Bungie's game universe for the next decade
- PS3 / 360 / "Future generation Technology"
- Co-Op
- Always connected and able for multiplayer "MMOish" - no subscription fee
- At least 3 classes: Hunter (Sniper, Scout, Stealth), Warlock (Magic - maybe pets as well), Titan (Assault, Tank)
- City on Earth as a social hub
- Mars and Earth Moon as visitable Locations
- "Space Zombies"

Stick with us as we unearth more on Destiny and what Bungie will bring us over the next ten years.

Thanks to IGN and AGB

-Daniel, Jedi Editor
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