Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Galaxy S IV Announcement

The mobile giant known as Samsung Electronics is notorious for unveiling their new tech before actually hosting an unveiling event.  Well same goes for what is recently considered their newest flagship mobile device, the Samsung Galaxy S IV.

Leaks and Rumors will be flooding the forums and comments section of each Android loving site, guaranteed!  2013 is quickly becoming the year for major differences within the mobile market.  Major differences can be expected with the size of screens, the resolution, clarity, and touch interface.  Not to mention, CPU's will inevitably become faster and more reliable.  The one thing that I can't seem to get over, how Samsung Electronics can consider themselves a $175billion company and not keep a secret.  It is now 7 consecutive years that we've seen a "leak" prior to the Announcement Event.

SamMobile being one of several sites that have had information regarding the March 15th, Galaxy S IV unveiling.  Why the 15th of march? The answer is simple, nobody really knows.  I believe that it is earlier than the May of 2012 announcement of the Galaxy S III.

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