Wednesday, February 6, 2013

GTA V Will Not Have "Dual-Gen" Launch

Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick has taken to comments and specualtion about Grand Theft Auto 5 being released for PC, 360, and PS3 as well as PS4 and NeXtBox saying that the chance of a "dual-generation launch" for Grand Theft Auto V is unlikely.

GTA V should obviously appear on next generation consoles in some form down the line, but Zelnick told investors and reporters on the company's third quarter results call last night (via Gamasutra):

"There is not one gamer who is going to sit out of GTA V hoping that something that is going to come along down the road that's better. It's going to blow everyone away, and it's going to be in the market in September."

Rockstar recently insisted that the only reason it delayed the Grand Theft Auto V release date from spring 2013 to September 17 was to ensure the product meets consumer expectations.

While Zelnick didn't go into specifics about Take-Two's next gen plans, he did suggest the company is more than ready for the arrival of new hardware from Microsoft and Sony.

"We really can't talk about next gen, because we're not the ones who can talk about it first," he said. But on multiple occasions he teased what he labelled an "extensive pipeline of unannounced titles", adding, "we're planning as well as we can, and we think we're extremely well positioned".

That's it folks; GTA V will release this September for 360, PC, and PS3.
*cough* Look for GTA V to release on next-gen consoles Summer 2014 *cough*

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