Monday, April 1, 2013


Friday the 13th – 1980  review
By: Cam Sky

When people think of Friday the 13th, they think about my man Jason Voorhees. Funny thing is he is barely featured in the movie; he is more of a plot device then the antagonist.  But this movie is pushing 33 years old, and if you haven’t seen it you’re not missing out.
Plot in a nutshell; there was a murder in 1958 at camp Crystal Lake that closed it down and 20 years later pornstache man (Steve) wants to open it up again. But someone doesn’t want it to open so they decide to lower the teeny bopper population.
There is not much of a plot in slasher movies; people see these movies for the blood, guts and tits. There’s a reason why they’re rated R. So maybe in 1980 this movie would impresses, but today it is a letdown. Half the people are killed off screen and all the kills look meh yo expect the Bacon kill. KEVIN BACON, you know the bad guy from x-men first class, it his first starring role and he is one son of a gun. The rest of the cast is forgettable, and the women the movies are not even that hot. Like Kevin Bacon girlfriend is doable in the dark. But none of the rest. The music and setting in the film are the only two saving graces. Harry Manfredini score is great, and sets the mood. Also the setting of the lake is awesome; it makes me wish I lived on that lake but with fewer psychos on it. The ending is good but you can just watch it on YouTube and save yourself ninety minutes.
Verdict: Not the best horror movies, if it’s on Netflix’s check it out if you’re a fan of horror movies. But don’t buy it.
C  -
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