Friday, March 15, 2013

The Phantom Pain; Why it IS & ISN'T MGSV

Below is the first ever interview with alleged CEO of Moby Dick Studios Joakim Mogren with GTTV about The Phantom Pain.

First off lets enjoy the trailer. For those who have seen it take your time and try and dissect the entire thing. If you haven't seen this yet then by all means take your time.

The image above takes the Phantom Pain logo and superimposes "Metal Gear Solid V" into the lines that are coming off of the logo in the design. This rumour is vague but interesting.

Dr. Kio Marv is the Czech scientist who made the oil producing bacteria OILIX in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. This character from the Phantom Pain trailer is a great lookalike and has an East European accent.

In the two images above Hideo Kojima actually posted on Twitter the progress of his motion capture but left out the details about what they were attributed to.

This image taken from the reveal trailer shows off what looks like a young Psycho Mantis. His age here would help him fit in a Big Boss era timeline while his presence would explain all the fire and ghost animals. The message that flashes up just after this asks, ‘Am I in a dream?’

Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes stars a man that looks very similar to the lead protagonist in the trailer and features a man with a burned face. It suggests a link between the two.

This strange figure, possibly a hallucination, bears a passing resemblance to Snake in the Ground Zeroes poster. However, the legs appear to be identical to the armour from Portable Ops.

This character has MGS style armour on and this time the colour and detailing matches Volgin from MGS3.


Early in March 2012 Kojima Productions were looking to hire engineers to work on “the latest Metal Gear Solid targeted for high-end consoles and PC” as well as “next-gen game engine technology for use with the FOX Engine”.

Kojima Productions then posted shots taken with a camera and some rendered using its Fox Engine, and has asked the viewer to decide which are the “real-life” photos and which were from the Fox Engine.

The unicorn from the trailer could very well be the same rendered by Kojima's FOX Engine.

The trailer's protagonist has a few things Snake has:
Mullet? Check.
Beard? Check.
Damaged right eye? Check.
David Hayter raspy breathing? Check.
Scar from Ground Zeroes just under the eye? Check.

The trailer ends with Snake being found, at which point the small child Psycho Mantis rises up, arms held out in a very familiar pose. Shortly after this bit when the trailer cuts to black a voice says “V has come to”. You know ‘V‘, as in five.

American journalist Alex Rubens tweeted this picture of people at the VGAs in Moby Dick T-shirts. The man on the right is Kyle Cooper, a title sequence designer who worked on MGS 2 and 3. He also tweeted, “There are people in the VIP section of the Konami party wearing Phantom Pain/Moby Dick Studios t-shirts”, adding “they don’t look Swedish”.


There is currently a conspiracy theory that Kojima Production has hired former lead and Epic Games founder Cliff Blezinski. Hideo and Cliffy B are complete BFFs that have been photographed everywhere together but could they really be working together?
According to a post on July 14, 2012 Cliffy B was shown something grand behind closed doors by Kojima himself. Secret stuff.
However unlikely it is still fun to speculate. Although I do not see the resemblance in facial features and characteristics...however Cliffy B does talk with the right side of his mouth as does Joakim, but the teeth and lips are not similar. Voice is not identical. Eyebrows are a match as well as eyes. And the blonde/brown hair sticking out of the bandages could be another clue.

Now check this out. This video below is from the Video Game Awards that The Phantom Pain debuted at. Cliffy B, Stephen Totilo of Kotaku, and Daniel Kaysar are backstage watching the trailer live as we all did. Keep a close eye on Cliffy B; he seems confused and just as lost as Stephen and Daniel, yet he is the one name dropping Hideo and trying to put 2 and 2 together to make this seem like a Metal Gear Game.

Below is a twitter conversation following the accusation that Joakim Mogren is in fact Cliff Blezinski.


Here are some interesting quotes from the twitter of Joakim Mogren, the alleged CEO of Moby Dick Studios (you can "see" him in the interview up top with Geoff Keighley).

Joakim confesses The Phantom Pain was a Metal Gear "spinoff"
According to Mogren he left the MGSV development team and Hideo Kojima was upset about it and from his tweet it seems they harbour "bad blood"
 The Moby Dick CEO tweets that The Phantom Pain is NOT Metal Gear Solid V
Joakim says he worked for Bethesda...
Mogren is asked again if this is Metal Gear Solid V

Mogren claims to have acquired rights to an unknown game from the THQ fire-sale
In a confusing declaration Joakim says The Phantom Pain will be a current gen title and not a next-gen game.


Tell us what you think. We want your opinions. What do you believe Hideo Kojma is up to? Who is Joakim Mogren?

Enjoy some screenshots


  1. All Joakim Mogren Twitter accounts are fake:
    [DISCLAIMER] Moby Dick Studio and our representatives do not currently operate through any social medias such as Facebook or Twitter, except for YOUTUBE.

    1. Your statement is entirely true. This is something major to take into account.