Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Season 8 IS the End for Dexter

During Season 6 it was announced that Showtime would grant Dexter a 7th and 8th season and rumours started to spread like wildfire when it was said that 8 would be the final season. That rumour has now been proven as fact.

The way Dexter ended in season 7's finale definitely created a clusterf**k within the storyline. How things will wrap up is unknown, but showrunner Scott Buck was previously quoted as saying: "Dexter is a serial killer and serial killers only end in so many ways, and none of those ways seem to be particularly happy or encouraging. I think if we’re true to who Dexter is, we’re not going to end with Dexter walking off into the sunset."

Season eight begins June 30th...

My perfect scenario?
When Dexter was younger his father Harry took him to watch an execution. This macabre life lesson taught Dex that if he gets caught that his fate will end in large amounts of amps and voltage. If I was on the writers board I would have a huge bomb dropped in episode 6 of season 8 that would let everyone know that Dexter is the Bay Harbour butcher (and guilty of all the other murders inside and outside of Miami Metro). In episode 11 Dexter would be arrested by Debra and the episode would fade out into black.

This is where it would get interesting. In the season finale of Dexter I would use half of the episode as an inner monologue of Dexter's life spanning all the way back to his Mother's death. A montage would ensue of all his murders both during the show and before. He would think about his legacy, his crimes, his acts of justice. In the last 25 minutes the time period would skip ahead a number of years to reveal an 13-15 year old Harrison waiting in a blank white room looking off into nothing. A door would be heard opening off screen and Harrison would look up to see an aged Debra Morgan reaching for his hand.

In the final minutes of the show Debra would be heard reciting almost the same dialogue Harry said to Dexter when they were at that execution. Harrison had taken up his father's mantle and has a Dark Passenger of his own. Debra would describe how not to get caught, how to avoid detection, and that this would be how he would wind up if his true self was ever known.

The camera would pan up to see Dexter be escorted into the execution chamber, be strapped in, and prepped for death. Dexter would look at his son and smile. No words are spoken.
Cut to black.

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