Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Official: Thief Will Release in 2014

Thief, a reboot for the series by Eidos Montreal, will be out next year for PC, PS4, and whatever the next Xbox is called.

The game is no longer called Thief 4.

Thief will be GameInformer's April Cover Issue.

Message from GameInformer:
"Eidos Montreal has been working for years to reboot the classic stealth series Thief, and the fruits of its labor will finally be revealed in issue 240 of Game Informer Magazine.

Our April cover story is a world-exclusive look at this next-generation stealth title. Series hero Garrett returns to the Gothic, industrial metropolis known simply as the City to steal any and everything that will make him richer. Unfortunately, the City is broiling with social tension as it is ravaged by a plague and lorded over by a political tyrant known as the Baron. In order to survive his adventures, Garrett will have to pay attention to his environment and make use of the may possible paths through each of the game's levels.

Square Enix plans to release Thief for PS4, PC, and other next-gen platforms sometime in 2014."

A Russian gaming website called GamesManiac has published what appear to be a dozen screenshots and concept artwork of Thief 4 ahead of the game's announcement (and possibly GameInformer's next cover issue).

Originally developed by Looking Glass Studios, the latest game in the Thief series is being headed up at Eidos Montreal.

Rumour has it that Eidos and Square Enix plan to unveil the game later today but you out loyal readers get to view these many hours ahead of schedule.

The game is expected to be released for the PC as well as next-gen consoles in 2014, and the screenshots contain cutting-edge graphics and visual fidelity that you might expect from a game designed not for current- but next-gen consoles.

The screenshots depict Garrett holding on to the edge of walls with a high-tech bow in hand, his cloak acting all Spawn-like in the wind behind him. He has the ability to scale buildings with the aid of a rope, and perform a variety of acrobatics that enable him to traverse throughout the game's structures, both inside and outside.

Though most of the screenshots depict him in stealth, there's also a bit of first-person combat with use of the bow.



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