Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Last of Us Early Access Demo via God of War: Ascension Hits May 31

The Last of Us is one of the best games releasing in 2013. The Naughty Dog has teased us with a lot of screenshots and gameplay, gave us an inside look with commentary, sacrificed themselves and delayed the game a month, and will give players early access to the game via God of War: Ascension on May 31. We covered this before but the dates have changed since the delay.

The Last of Us is releasing on June 14th WorldWide only on the Playstation 3.
The story is set two decades after a cordyceps-type fungus has killed millions, with nature gradually retaking the abandoned cities and towns. The survivors are hemmed inside quarantine zones, completely under the heel of the United States military, with order and screening for any Infected being viciously maintained under martial law. Joel, a hardened black-marketeer within one of the quarantine zones, goes through an event which makes him promise an old friend that he will get a young, fourteen year old girl named Ellie, away from the harsh regime. They begin a journey through the USA, avoiding the Infected, humanoid creatures whose sole aim has become spreading the fungal infection. Joel and Ellie also have to avoid scavengers that survive outside the quarantine zones who see Joel and Ellie as their latest prey. Adding to their problems, the military is determined to find Ellie and bring her back under their power.


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