Monday, March 25, 2013

[UPDATE] Next Xbox Logo Posted On Twitter

As far as the internet is concerned; this image is a fake. A Neo-GAF user has discovered that all the letters are askew and off by 1 degree on the "Xbox" letters. I assume the "leaker" was playing it smart and crafting a simple design to mislead consumers rather than an outlandish one.
VGLeaks has the details

::Huge Sodium Content Warning::

A twitter account has recently been created and a new image has popped up on its feed dated March 16th. That image is calling itself the next Xbox logo.

As fishy as this may be Microsoft did hold a "secret" closed door event March 4-7 and everyone attending had to sign lengthy non-disclosure agreements. Could this photo be leaked from that meeting. If so why the long wait? Plus the logo does not illustrate "next-gen" or "modern tech" in my opinion.

Microsoft is rumoured to reveal their new console in April but there is still no confirmation from the company itself and we are only left in suspense until we hear an announcement.



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