Monday, March 4, 2013

Newest NeXtBox Rumour: 2 Models, 1TB HDD, No Blu-Ray

According to GamingCapacity they have received some confidential intel on Microsoft's next console, code-named "Durango," from an anonymous source that claims they are an "inside source." We've already set the stage for what we believe Microsoft will unveil in April but this "inside source" has some interesting information.

The anonymous tipster says, “Microsoft has the prototypes monitored under a microscope and an air tight confidentiality clause.”

There was some information the source was willing to provide. The full details are below:

  • While no confirmation on an announcement date, E3 will be “Party Central” in the Xbox booth
  • The new ’720′ will have 3x the processing speed of the current 360
  • No hard release date but it looks like Holiday 2013
  • 2 launch versions. 320 GB Arcade / 500 GB Pro. Exact pricing is unknown
  • 1 TB HDD available as a separate purchase
  • It will not include Blu-Ray
  • No picture was available as prototype consoles are packaged in a 360 slim case to “avoid complications” about the design until announcement
  • Tech Specs; AMD eight-core x64 1.6GHz CPU, Direct3d 11.x 800MHz GPU, and 8GB of DDR3 RAM
  • Xbox Smartglass is still a feature in use
  • No word on Kinect 2.0
  • No word on “Immersive” technology being implemented

At first glance this may not seem like anything different from the thousands of other dunes of sand spread across the internet but a few things caught my eye. The 1TB HDD was a prediction of mine and I'm glad to see Microsoft is thinking about more storage, but to sell it seperately at launch could be very costly for consumers who love to download. The other red-herring is the statement of no Blu-ray implementation. Before this source's info, everyone was under the assumption Microsoft was warming up their seat on the Blu-Ray bandwagon. Could Microsoft really continue to back the DVD?

What are your opinions? Sound off in the comments.


  1. I for one don't believe it, I'm certain that there's no way this can true; Blu-Ray is the standard HD format at this time and not including it would be akin to deciding to stick with CD-ROM rather than the DVD-ROM they placed in the original Xbox. Not even focussing on the amount of storage space that will be needed for next-gen games, how can the neXtBox pretend it will be a home entertainment hub if they are omitting such a widely adopted format?