Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Intangible Innovations?

Most of the time technology is fantastic, but every now and again it throws a curve ball at you.  I've not a clue why or how the system glitched, but this random email thread ended up in my inbox last week.  As I was about to delete it I realised I should share it with the Tech Fixation community.  I can only think it's providence that it ended up where it has, it fits so nicely with the stories that go on the website and the discussions on the podcast. It seems to be an email conversation between the Vice-President of Consumer Facing Communication and the Director of Invented Science.

I've copied and pasted the following directly from the email.  It makes interesting reading, and hopefully the email system won't fix itself any time soon!

The research and development of real world video game tech?  Nice!  And guessing it's the name that's caused the glitch (or a BCC.)

These discussions are getting a bit odd.

Not getting any better!

Tech - check.  Engineering - check.  Armaments - WTF?

Excellent!  Publishing schedule for more detailed info.
Thanks for sticking with me on this, I know it took a fair bit of reading to get to the end, but it looks like we might be in for some inside information on the latest tech coming our way, and on a weekly schedule too.  I've done some digging to try and find this company listed somewhere but so far there's only a dormant Twitter account (@intang_inno).  I'll be keeping an eye on it to see if anything pops up.

Matt Holt - Tech Fixation Editor


  1. Great input on this guys! looking good. I am looking forward to the upcoming posts. I went into this article thinking that this was a proposal for a visit to a game developer studio. made for a very confusing few paragraphs! haha

    When my head was finally straightened out, it was a bit mindblowing where the tide of the continuous articles were headed!

    Excited for the upcoming read