Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hideo's in the Editing Suite!

Twitter is a great source for partial information that can lead to all sorts of speculation.  As an avid MGS fan I follow Hideo Kojima who posted this image yesterday.  There's nothing other than this, so let's get wildly guessing what it could mean.

Answers on a postcard if you know what it is.

Based on some follow up messages it might be work for the GDC (Games Developers Conference) in San Francisco at the end of the month.  In that case it's likely to be MGS Ground Zeroes because it's an announced game that we've already seen footage of in the last 6 months, though we still don't know which consoles it will be on (and my guess is the PS4 at the moment).  It could also be The Phantom Pain, which despite all the denials, looks like it could be an MGS title, possibly number 5.

Coupled with these is a mysterious poll that David Hayter put out there a couple of days ago on how fans would feel if he wasn't voicing Snake in the next game.  The overwhelming response was anger/sadness.  He is Snake when it comes to the English speaking market and I couldn't see them changing that yet, but is it just a ploy to get people thinking the voice casting sessions are coming up?  We know motion capture for the mysterious game is underway, there are pictures of the script that keep cropping up too.  

If you can read Kanji and Kana please let us know what it says in the comments box!
Whatever it does mean, we know one thing.  There will be at least a year of 15 minute cutscene demos that will make us want the game more than any other in the history of video games.  I can cope with this, as long as Raiden doesn't take the lead role again...

Matt Holt - Tech Fixation Editor


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