Saturday, March 2, 2013

[Updated] Every Confirmed & Rumoured PS4 Game

Confirmed Launch Titles:

Killzone: Shadow Fall
-Developer: Guerrilla Games
-Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

-Developer / Publisher: Ubisoft

-Developer: Evolution Studios
-Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

The Witness
-Developer / Publisher: Thekla, Inc.

-Developer: Bungie
-Publisher: Activision

Confirmed Titles:

inFamous: Second Son
-Developer: Sucker Punch Productions
-Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

-Developer: Sony Japan Studio
-Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Diablo III
-Developer / Publisher: Activision Blizzard
As one of the more disappointing moments of the Playstation Meeting in February, Blizzard announced that they had made a deal with Sony to place Diablo III on the PS3 & PS4. I use the word "disappointing" because Diablo 3 released last year. This tells us that if Blizzard makes a Diablo IV or another title that it could very well end up on the PS4 console.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
-Developer / Publisher: CD Projekt RED

Deep Down (working title)
-Developer / Publisher: Capcom

Unnamed Final Fantasy game
-Developer / Publisher: Square Enix

-Developer / Publisher: Just Add Water

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD studio Just Add Water is developing a new game for PlayStation 4. Responding to a fan on Facebook, the studio said the game will “likely” come to PlayStation Vita, as well. Just Add Water has yet to revel further detail about the project.

Battlefield 4
-Developer: DICE
-Publisher: EA


Deus Ex: Human Defiance
-Developer: Eidos Montreal
-Publisher: Square Enix
"Human Defiance" is actually the name of the movie in pre-production. Not a game. The image above is the trademark on the film property. A domain was just recently registered here.

Gran Turismo 6
-Developer: Polyphony Digital
-Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

The Last Guardian
-Developer: Sony Japan Studio, Team ICO
-Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Fallout 4
-Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
-Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Half-Life 3
-Developer / Publisher: Valve
This is simply a Golden Unicorn; a game that is so highly anticipated and wished for, but the real chance of it ever being made or released is slim to none. Valve has stretched themselves over many avenues of media; mobile, hardware, digital sales, and also keeping their games studio afloat. At the DICE 2013 Summit Valve CEO Gabe Newell and Sci-Fi Director JJ Abrams talked about the art of storytelling in gaming and the importance of solid writing in media. They teased the audience with a future partnership saying they would be interesting in sharing ideas and working on projects together. This duo could create films based on Portal or Half-Life or go the opposite route and have Newell use Abrams as a design director or producer on a new game.

Unnamed Naughty Dog title
-Developer: Naughty Dog
-Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
The Last of Us is releasing this June 14th, and there has been word on a fourth Uncharted sequel, but there is rumbling in the rumour-mill that Naughty Dog has been secretly working on a new IP.

Unnamed Media Molecule title
-Developer: Media Molecule
-Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
To be honest I don't think anyone at the Playstation Meeting held on February 20th knew what was going on when Media Molecule took the stage to show off level building & design, multi-individual sculpting, and animated puppetry all thanks to the MOVE controller. It definitely was one of the more awkward parts of the show; another example was the inability of the Bungie staff to do anything with their arms during their Destiny speech.

Unnamed Tarsier Studios title
-Developer: Tarsier Studios
-Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe
This could be a revision of "The City of Metronome or LittleBigPlanet3

-Developer: Quantic Dream
-Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
David Cage has already stated that he knows exactly what will release after Beyond: Two Souls and what he'll be working on after that. Singularity could be one of those projects. Although many suspect this was just a tech demo project this could very well be a basis for a game; or at least a rough draft.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4
-Developer: ? (NeverSoft?)
-Publisher Activision

Unnamed thatgamecompany title
-Developer / Publisher: thatgamecompany
Journey 2?

Rainbow Skies
-Developer: SideQuest Studios
-Publisher: eastasiasoft

Just Cause 3
-Developer: Avalanche Studios
-Publisher: Eidos Interactive
Technically this is not a rumoured game; it's a certainty that Just Cause 3 will release on PS4 either in 2013 or 2014. The reason why I put it in the "rumour" section is because Avalanche hasn't "officially" announced the game. They've teased and teased, but expect a full announcement either before or during the week of E3 2013.

Beyond Good & Evil 2
-Developer/ Publisher: Ubisoft
Just like Half-Life 3 this game is another Golden Unicorn. The fact that Beyond Good & Evil 2 has been up in the air for so long has just proven how some passionate gamers are so dedicated to certain games. I was almost about to give up hope on this title (and not even acknowledge it on this list) until Ubisoft was asked about this game after the Playstation Meeting in February where the PS4 was revealed. Read what they said.

Unnamed Respawn Entertainment Title
-Developer: Respawn Entertainment
-Publisher: ? (Not Activision for obvious reasons)
After leaving Infinity Ward and a very infamous court battle Vince Zampella and Jason West started Respawn Entertainment in 2010 with a skeleton crew that also left Infinity Ward. The only details we know about their debut game is what we can decipher out of two blurry screenshots, and that they are poised to reveal or tease us more at E3 2013.

Whore of the Orient
-Developer: Team Bondi
-Publisher: ?
Set up as the sequel to L.A. Noire on paper Team Bondi had only teased "Whore of the Orient" to a minimum and ever since their fallout with Rockstar the studio's future has seemed bleak. After Team Bondi shut down this project has been silent. I hope that changes one day.
Mass Effect "4"
-Developer: Bioware
-Publisher: Electronic Arts
Although Commander Shepard's saga is over there is still a gorgeous galaxy rife with vigor and story that Bioware can feed off of. It is rumoured that the next Mass Effect game will run on the Frostbite 2 engine.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
 -Developer/Publisher: Ubisoft
For a brief instant the official Ubisoft website declared that Assassin's Creed IV was releasing Oct 29thm 2013 for future consoles. The game has already been confirmed for current gen but will Ubisoft teeter the fence and release this for both generations?

Give us your favorite choices. Tell us what you will pick up and play. Did we miss anything?


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