Friday, March 22, 2013

[CoolStuff] Digital Storm Hailstorm II PC

The Hailstorm II’s base specs are already mean, but maxed it packs a Core i7 3.5GHz 6-core CPU, 32GB RAM, two 480GB SSDs and triple-SLI NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN 6GB. Yes. Three of em.

Digital Storm systems are bred with only cutting-edge, first class technology that delivers cinematically striking game-play.

The Intel i7 platform is a thoroughbred: a perfectly conceived beast made up of bleeding edge technology including Hyper-Threading, Turbo-Boost, and Triple-Channel Memory. With this much horse-power under the hood your games will have the most visually stunning graphics and liquid smooth game-play possible.

The barrier breaking power of NVIDIA and ATI graphics cards enhance gaming performance because each graphic card contains hundreds of individual stream processors that vibrantly bring explosive action and achingly gorgeous environments to life the in vivid, realistic detail.

Solid state hard drives offer breakneck speed by removing the cumbersome moving parts of older hard drives so that games load veraciously faster which in turn significantly ratchets up an entire systems overall performance.

By pioneering Stereoscopic 3D technology in games and adapting it to be used on multiple displays, NVIDIA has created the most visually immersive panoramic gaming experience to date. Providing the true depth and visualization of real life, 3D Vision from NVIDA is gamer nirvana.

Filling your vision with the intense beauty of the hottest selling titles, ATI's Eyefinity allows you to connect up to 6 displays to a single system, creating a revolutionary panoramic computing experience.

Performance drenched machines are a Digital Storm specialty and every system selected with the Twister Boost Overclocking package is transformed into a V12, 600HP, back-bracing power-house that drives performance straight through the roof.

Sub-Zero LCS: Designed from the ground-up by Digital Storm the SUB-ZERO LCS reduces a computer's thermal signature to practically nothing. Utilizing specialized compression fittings, German engineered water blocks, and an integrated reservoir pump system the SUB-ZERO LCS represents the next step in liquid cooling.

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