Friday, March 8, 2013

BSA adds Game Design merit badge

In part of an effort to seem more relevant as the world continues to evolve, the Boy Scouts of America has revealed their latest merit badge - game design.
"Games are an important element in every culture around the globe," the BSA said in a press release announcing the newest merit badge. "Simple games give structure to children's playtime and help enforce basic social skills like courtesy, sharing, and taking turns, and more intricate games can help children hone their logic, strategy, and even mathematics skills. Through Game Design, its newest merit badge, the Boy Scouts of America is opening the door for Scouts to put their creativity to the test."
In order to actually earn the merit badge, Scouts must analyze different types of games, and eventually be able to conceptualize and create a prototype of their own.
The BSA has been in the news recently due to its controversial stance on homosexuality.
News Editor
John Schwartz


  1. I do not support BSA for many reasons. This news doesnt surprise me with how they are trying to force their way into modern living and technical society, but theyre quickly becomming an obselete organization if they continue to remain closed minded and elitist.