Thursday, March 28, 2013

Amazon Prepping a Smartphone

by Greg Woolston

According to the Digitimes, web retail giant Amazon is preparing to release its long rumored smartphone this year. The report indicates that Amazon is hoping to release the phone in the second quarter of 2013, however unnamed sources have indicated to Digitimes that production might not be going exactly as Amazon would like.

The report also indicated that the phone was originally planned to have a 4.3 inch screen, but due to market demand a larger 4.7 inch screen will be used in it’s place. The sources were unable to indicate whether the phone would be delayed because of this change or not.

​“However, the sources did not reveal if Amazon's recent changes to the device were the reason for rumors in the market stating that mass production of the device may be delayed until later in the second quarter of the year or possibly later.”

It will be interesting to see how this endeavor turns out for the retail giant, but if they can do with their smartphone what the Kindle Fire did for tablets, we shouldn’t count it out. Amazon pretty much dominated the 7 inch tablet market when their first Kindle Fire was released, but that quickly changed when Google released their similarly priced and higher performing Nexus 7. If Amazon is able to pack a lot of awesome features into a relatively inexpensive smartphone, they may just be on to something.

Source: Digitimes

Written by Greg Woolston
Junior Tech Editor


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