Friday, February 15, 2013

Fastest LTE Locations in the World?

OpenSignal, a UK firm, has recently released data from a study in which they looked at 4G networks across the world, and they make for some interesting reading.

Taking first place is Sweden which has the world’s fastest speeds, hitting an average of 22.1 mbps.
Hong Kong takes second with average speeds of 19.6.
Denmark takes third with 19.1 mbps average speed.

You may ask yourself, "Where is the USofA?" U.S. and Japan are actually on the lower tier of the top ten countries with average speeds of 9.6 mbps (US) and 7.1 mbps (Japan).

The reason why the US and Japan average is so low is credited to what OpenSignal call a "spectrum crunch," which an area has a heavy quantity of users on the same network; in turn dragging down the signal and speed.


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