Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mentally-Operated Electronic Cat Ears Move With Your Thoughts

Keeping an ear to the ground on the latest consumer electronics, we occasionally encounter the most ridiculous items we never thought we'd need. This year's Game Developer's Conference in San Fransisco featured something absurd, unnecessary, and yet... something that we'd all like to own.

The Necomimi is a pair of mechanical cat ears that operate with a brainwave sensor developed by NeuroSky, detecting your different moods and moving the feline ears accordingly. Excitement will cause the ears to wiggle, relaxation or boredom will make the ears droop, and showing interest will lift one ear intently. NeuroSky uses an algorithm to decipher the electronic impulses from your brain, translating them into moods that control the ears. The brainwave sensor has been proven to be effective in mind-controlled gadgets that have trickled into the consumer tech market for the past couple years.

The set of ears can be bought on the company's website,, along with Tailly, which is a heart rate-controlled tail that came out last year on Kickstarter.

Caleb Smith,
Senior Tech Editor

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