Monday, February 18, 2013

The UK Times: The Next Playstation Will Be £300

In just two days Sony will unveil its brand new next-gen home entertainment console, which is still unnamed, and it will be far cheaper than many experts and analysts have expected. This new price tag is aimed at getting more people to take an interest in Sony's home entertainment initiative and gain more of a following.

The UK Times cites many unnamed sources and "leaked internal documents" to draw the conclusion that the Playstation 4 will cost a mere £300 (which is about $465). Looking back at the Playstation 3 launch, this will be over a $100 drop in price. This would be a welcome change for consumers, as the Playstation 3 suffered from poor hardware sales early on in its life cycle.

This news doesn't surprise us as we have posted our suggestions of the "PS4" price tag being between $449-499. This is still an important bit of news that we can add to the plethera of rumours, leaks, and hints before Sony actually confirms all that we have speculated...or not.

We will cover Sony's "The Future is Here" conference as best we can and make sure to stay with us all day on the 20th to get a detailed look at what Sony is announcing.

The UK Times

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  1. Hahaha, I love the fact you're claiming to have read an article behind a Paywalled site, let alone a British one. Just like the Wall Street Journal article you claim to have read (also behind a Paywall).
    You do know what they are, don't you?

    You also know if you're ctrl-C then ctrl-P-ing with their stuff you are stealing a very big bears honey. Their claws are very sharp and their Legal Department allows them to use them regularly.