Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sony Filed Another "PS4" Controller Patent

This patent which was filed in 2012, shows off a possible design that Sony concieved for a new controller and it's called the ‘PlayStation Eyepad’. Don't laugh.

It resembles a tablet (almost a clone of the Wikipad) and can work in conjunction with cameras that are actually on both sides of the device to generate 3D virtual buttons and more. It can function like any other normal controller. It also features a touchpad, which the PS4 controller was also rumoured to have.

Here’s the official description for it:

"An input device for an entertainment device comprises a first main surface, one or more side edges, one or more motion sensors operable to generate motion data, and a wireless communicator for transmitting the motion data to the entertainment device, wherein an elongate illuminated region extends along some or all of one or more of the side edges; in addition the input device may comprise a first stereoscopic camera and a second stereoscopic camera having respective viewpoints located at opposing corners of a first area of the main surface, the field of view of each stereoscopic camera encompassing a first volume of space immediately above the first area, wherein the first and second stereoscopic cameras are operable to generate respective stereoscopic images, from which a first depth map and complementary second depth map may be generated for opposite sides of an object placed within the first volume of space."

This seems like just an idea on the drawing board Sony wanted to patent and make sure all their Ts are dotted and their Is are crossed.


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