Sunday, February 3, 2013

Custom Made Lightsabres

Be advised: Although Phillip Isherwood's custom crafted lightsabers blaze LED spectral force fields of green, red, or blue and arrive with 36" long polycarbonate blades designed for full speed, full contact dueling, he wants to be clear that they are not based on the weapons used in  George Lucas' interstellar film series, Star Wars. These ornate and beautifully crafted sabres are stunning and unique.
Available in 13 different designs ranging in price from $129 to $499 (based on makeup and capabilities) Isherwood's lightsabers are all forged from aircraft grade aluminum and fitted with genuine cow hide leather grips. The battle sabers have anti vandal switches recessed into their handles to preclude accidental shutoffs during blade-to-blade action, and can withstand intense flailing and impact.

Some lightsabers also include sound effects, courtesy of a Novasound Neutrino soundboard. The Neutrino ranks as a high end, hero level sound effects device with 20 clash and swoosh effects, ignition and deactivation notifications, and an idle hum. It also has an adjustable blade light pulse setting, and a voice menu for ease of changing any of the settings with the saber's button. Isherwood notes the Neutrino is the loudest soundboard currently available.
Fully-loaded models are powered by internal battery packs, fitted with a kill key, recharge port, and accompanying universal charger.

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-Daniel, Jedi Editor


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