Thursday, February 28, 2013

[CoolStuff] Prankster USB Flash Drive

April Fools is just around the corner and nothing tells your friends and family just how much you love them than creating chaos in their lives.

Made in the innocent likeness of a flash drive, the PC Prankster plugs into any USB port and, based on its toggle switch setting, drives the next person to use the receiving computer down one of three different roads to insanity. Instigate a friend's, relative's, or co-worker's meltdown with one of the following options:

Caps Lock.
Randomly enables and disables the Caps Lock key.

Splatters garbled text all over open documents and spreadsheets.

Prompts erratic, uncontrollable cursor movements.

Buy it now on Amazon for $24.99

Here is the best part; if you buy this product and record the hilariousness that ensues we want to watch it. Send any and all April Fools pranks that involve tech, games, or movies and we'll post them on the site.
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