Thursday, February 28, 2013

PS4 Social Features Screens

Sony have released screenshots today of the social features they showed at the PS4 event last week (I've embedded the images below).  Now we have the chance to view them in more detail it's still tricky to say how much new functionality the updated PSN will offer for PS4, simply because we can't see them in motion.

First up it looks like a new version of the profile screen that shows us some of the information we're used to getting at the moment (Username, trophy summary, text/voice chat options), and the new pieces of info we were told during the press event.  The extras bits look to be:

  • Real names (optional);
  • Uploaded personal photo;
  • Recent activity;
  • Ability to join/view game session (not sure which, more in the next image);
It all looks like it's done in the same style as the new PS Store style layout (so hoping it's more responsive!), with the section headers on the left showing how much content there is for each, and the more detailed information on the right.

Next we've got what looks like the screen you'll get if you'd picked "Join Game".  I'm making assumptions from the info on screen here that you can join singleplayer games that will take you to the streaming session (is that a Ustream logo at the top right of the image?  Someone let me know), you can then see what they're doing in real time and comment via text if you want, then opt to join them if it's multiplayer, or buy if you haven't got the game.  The mystery here is the "Command" button, is this the take control option to help friends out when they're stuck?  Or something else?

We've also got what looks like a welcome screen, possibly a bit like the current "What's New" section but more focussed on what your friends have been up to.  I like this idea, looks quite a neat way of keeping you informed and reminds me of Sony's Socialife app.

This next one looks like it could be the main menu screen for the PS4, also seeming a bit like the current PS Store.  Assuming it is, then are we going to get our games and content listed horizontally across the screen, or will it ultimately group them?  The addition of title information when you highlight a game is welcome, this adds to the overall social network inclusion feel they are going for.

Lastly, Sony have also given us a shot simulating the PlayStation App (I think on the Xperia Z phone and tablet).  These last three images duplicate a lot of the information above but give us the best indication yet on the level of connectivity we might get from the coming batch of Sony products.  I'm curious about the "Start" option on the game page, will we be remote playing from our tablets as well as our Vitas?  

What we really want to see is the device itself though, and whilst I hope that will get it's own announcement soon I'm guessing we won't get it until E3.

Matt Holt - Tech Fixation Editor


  1. I'm intrigued by these images does look a bit Windows8 to me. I love the recent activity bit on PSVita natural transference to PS4. Not sure I care too much about the Social Media hub thing but great description of the screens.