Thursday, January 31, 2013

Next Generation Sony Console teased

In a recently released video on Playstation's Youtube channel, Sony has teased what looks like the announcement of their next generation console.
This is a surprise, as the general consensus was that the new Playstation, codenamed Orbis, would be revealed at this year's E3. However, this announcement makes it seem that it will happen well before that, on February 20 at 6 PM EST.
With the post, Playstation encouraged excited gamers to 'join the conversation' using the hashtag '#Playstation2013.' You can follow that hashtag here.
Knowledge about Microsoft's new console, codenamed Durango, is still mostly speculation. However, with Sony showing that they are ready to take gaming to the next generation, the clock is ticking for project Durango.

John Schwartz
News Editor


  1. Lookslike my February prediction may yet come true. haha Sony will most likely bring a pretty case onstage that has fake wires and have a PC rig underneath playing the games (if there are live demos in the presentation). I'm excited to see what they announce.