Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Box Office Fix - Jan 11-13

"Zero Dark Thirty" was a home run at the box-office beating out "Texas Chainsaw 3D" with a total of $24 million. This is a great opening for a January movie.

"A Haunted House" opened with $18.8 million, which is huge for a movie that was only produced for $2 million. Expect a sequel to this in the near future.

"Gangster Squad" disappointed this weekend with a $16.7 million. The $60 million production might break even if its lucky.

The holdovers from 2012 are doing great, and with the Oscars coming up next month expect good holdovers this month.

"Texas chainsaw 3D" was knocked off the number one spot and collided into number 9. With a 75% drop from last weekend, it's unlikely that the sequel plans the producers had will come to light. From someone who has seen the movie, your not missing out on anything. The franchise deserves to die and be buried forever.

1.Zero Dark Thirty $24 million
2.A Haunted House $18.8 million
3.Gangster Squad $16.7 million
4.Django Unchained $11.1 million
5.Les Miserables $10.1 million
6.The Hobbit $9.1 million
7.Lincoln $6.3 million
8.Parental Guidance $6.1 million
9.Texas Chainsaw 3D $5.2 million
10.Silver Linings Playbook $5 million

And now my first box office predictions for next week. They are the following;
Broken city - $21 million
Mama - $10.5 million
The Last stand - $ 19 million

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