Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Vita Price Drop - Whilst Stocks Last!

In what could be the signal for the discontinuation of the 3G Vita model, US based Sony stores have reduced the price from $299.99 to $199.97.  The Wi-Fi only version remains at $249.99 which suggests the price drop is to clear the stock.  Will we see another model in the future?

Joystiq have called every store they can to confirm this and have been told by some employees that this is a permanent price drop to discontinue the model with no time frame for the sale to end.  This was contradicted by other stores which goes to show no one really knows what is happening.  Could this be a response to the increase in sales in Japan since their price drop?  And an indication that the Wi-Fi only model has done better than the 3G?  And will this mean a redesign announcement at E3?  I think it's still too soon for that, but companies have done stranger things.

What we can say for sure is if you're on the fence about buying a Vita then get to your local Sony store before they run out and snag a bargain.  The sale includes an 8 gb memory card and a free PSN game (as long as you sign up to a data coverage).  If the model is really going to have production stopped then keep an eye on the other retailers, they'll be sure to jump on this quickly.  And we've got our fingers crossed in Europe for the same to happen at some point soon.

Matt Holt - Tech Fixation Editor


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