Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Sound Shapes DLC

Today, Sony and Santa Monica Studio, the creators of Sound Shapes has released a new update for the PS3 and PSVita versions of the game. The free part of the the DLC is a new Community Milkcrate and six new albums. The creators said, "We've hand-picked eclectic and creative levels from the Community and arranged them into themed albums. Each is presented in a brand new interface and comes complete with liner notes with insights and interesting things to check out while playing them, kinda like a director's commentary for levels... the Milkcrate launches with 6 albums and 35 total levels and is included free in today’s patch update." 
You will even be able to select user submitted levels to be synced to your console you can play them while offline. This will be a great addition for those long road trips when you are craving some new content.

Aside from the free update, a paid DLC is also available, called the Car Pack. It is available for $1.99 and includes new Campaign levels, a full Sound Pack, brand new editor entities (like loop-de-loops, speed boosts, and more), Beat School lessons, and trophies too. It's basically a platformer with driving, so all of your Trials fans can go nuts. Go ahead and give it a download and let us know what you think of the added content!

Roger Havens- Tech Fixation Editor.
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