Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Guacamelee! is coming soon to PS3 and PSVita

by Greg Woolston

Guacamelee! is a game that I have been very excited about ever since I heard that it was in production. Drinkbox Studios is known for their Tales from Space series. I played Mutant Blobs Attack extensively, and it is one of my favorite games on the Vita.
The release date for Guacamelee! was recently announced for April 9th, and that date can’t come any sooner.

The following information was given in the press release on the Playstation Blog:

​“The game will be released on April 9th in the Americas, and will support Cross-Buy for $14.99. This means you buy the game once and get both the PS3 and PS Vita versions. And that’s not all… there’s also a Platinum Trophy!”

For a mere $15 dollars you get both copies of the game, and I can bet that there will be some sort of discount for PS+ members. It’s still unclear from anything that I have read whether the game shares one trophy list or if they will be different. However, if this game is anything like Mutant Blobs Attack I imagine that each trophy will be fun and rewarding to achieve. I was able to go hands on with the Vita version of Guacamelee! in January, and while I didn’t get too much into the story the combat was very fun. I also really like the art style that they have taken, and the visuals are very bright and colorful. The game looked very good on the Vita’s screen. I feel that this is a game that should be on everyone’s radar.

Written By Greg Woolston
Junior Tech Editor


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