Monday, February 11, 2013

The Elder Scrolls Online Food Truck Tour


Today we’ve announced our 2013 food truck tour for The Elder Scrolls Online!

Similar to our Skyrim tour in 2011, we’re once again working with Future US (the folks behind PC Gamer,, and Official Xbox Magazine), to bring Elder Scrolls eats to popular gaming events and universities across the country – including PAX, E3, San Diego Comic-Con, and fine universities like UCLA and UMASS.

The tour all starts on March 10th, when the truck will make an appearance at Austin’s SXSW 2013 festival and feature special guest Malukah — renown for her amazing Skyrim performances.

If you can’t make it to Austin, check out the other truck stops below…

^SXSW 2013 – Austin, Texas (March 10)
^PAX East – Boston, Massachusetts (March 22)
^University of Massachusetts Amherst – ^Amherst, Massachusetts (March 29)
^Michigan State University – East Lansing, Michigan (April 12)
^University of Colorado – Boulder, Colorado (April 26)
^University of Arizona – Tucson, Arizona (May 3)
^E3 2013 – Los Angeles, California (June 12)
^Comic-Con International – San Diego, California (July 18)
^PAX Prime – Seattle, Washington (August 31)
^University of California, Los Angeles – Los Angeles, California (September 20)
^University of California, Berkeley – Berkeley, California (October 4)

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