Monday, February 4, 2013

The Commandments of Gaming

Whether you know it or not, gaming isn't just an activity; it's a way of life. It has a community, a brotherhood, a force that binds us all together, and a guideline of rules that aren't always spoken but should be known by all gamers. These rules are the commandments of gaming.

Thou shalt not be fanboyish in the name of gaming. True gamers will enjoy all games on all platforms.

Remember thy Release Dates and honour them as they are sacred.

Honour Thy PC and thy Console for they are the tools of entertainment.

Thou shalt not kill-steal.

Thou shalt lose graciously with respect and valor. Thou shalt not bitch nor whine when fragged.

Thou shalt accept thy dice rolls as thy will of fate.

Thou shalt teabag only in the wake of unquestionable dominance.

Thou shalt not cheat.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's equipment nor prowess.

Know thy group function: Thy DPS shalt avoid Aggro, Thy Tank shalt not attempt DPS, Thy Mage shalt not forget mana potions, and Thy Healer shalt not go AFK without notifying thy group.

Thou shalt not be ashamed of being a gamer. Take solace in thy fantasy and in thy joy.

Thou shalt remember thy Classics. All gamers shalt know that thy games of today would not exist if it were not because of the classics in gaming.

Honour thy controller. Do not bash, smash, throw, heave, crush, nor damage in any way that which is your gateway to the gaming universe. Your beacon of entertainment shalt not know of pain.

Thou shalt not screenwatch.

Delete not other people's saves. Destroy not what is not yours.

Thou shalt not rage quit. Understand why thou has failed and correct thy mistakes.

Thou shalt not underestimate the opposite sex. Gamers are of one sound mind and do not change upon gender.

Thou shalt respect thy consoles and games. Thou are not coasters and tables to place litter. Clean thy gaming equipment and respect other's property. Games belong in consoles and cases, thou belong not on open surfaces and floors.

Though shalt respect all genres and facits of gaming. Thou shalt not look down on gamers of any type.

Thou shalt not bare false witness. Do not lie about what thou has done for fame nor glory.

Thou shalt respect n00bs. Be a chaotic neutral that thou shalt have fun, remember thy place, and know thy shite does not stank.

Thou shalt play games in sequential order. Play not the sequels before the originals.

Thou shalt not camp at respawn points.

Thou shalt not walk in front of the TV whilst another is playing.

Thou shalt always have fun. Games are present for entertainment and are created for the purpose of joy. Share the happiness that thou experience and do all that thou can do help other achieve such wonder.

-Daniel, Jedi Editor