Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Samsung Will Win The Short Term Race

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Why Samsung will pull ahead of Apple in the upcoming time period?

Article Written & Published by Rich - CEO of TheTechFixation.com & TechFixation's Podcast

It is no secret that Tim Cook has a significant amount of pressure on his shoulders to do nothing less than we've seen already. Everyone, including his own coworkers, understands that we are in need of something new. It's been said that Apple will slowly make a decline unless they produce another heavy hitting product that has the impact that the iPod had on its fans.

Capital Analyst Brian White explains that he believes there will be a cheaper iPhone made from materials not yet seen in Previous versions of Apple products. A hardened plastic body rather than a metal or glass will most likely be the choice if the cost is the issue at hand. Mr. White continues by saying that he believes that it will be cut price significantly and we may see it as low as $300 on store shelves.

Are these bits of pure speculation far fetched?
Well, I personally love a good sliver of speculation to chew up and spit back in the faces of those who clearly haven't done their homework. But, I'm afraid I'll have to agree with him on this one! Apple isn't in a position to venture into a new angle or market place. Understanding that $45billion would make most individuals say that it's a great position to state that claim. The decision that Mr. Cook would be foolish to make, would be to sail into uncharted territory when they are most vulnerable.  I believe that he knows that and may even be scared to take a leap with worries of failure in mind.

Shinny just won't cut it.
Lets face it, we are running short on new perks for our current mobile devices. Okay, they can go around ramping up the Memory, the Processor speed, and go a little crazy with the Resolution. But what we are missing is something Innovative. One reason that so many have been attracted to Apple's products is because they have introduced a deb of spunk into the life of the iPod and turned it into something new entirely. Where they struck gold was on the timing. You can have a money making idea that falls flat simply because the timing was all wrong. Take Nintendo's: Virtual Boy for example.  It really was a good idea meant for hardcore enthusiasts with an open mind and a deep pocket.  But, focused on a 3D element that fell flat in '95 but is now one of the things to have.  One good idea will only take you so far.

Double Dipping
By producing merely the same product year after year you will see a period of time when they will quit growing.  They are hitting a huge market, which is clearly their stance.  But, they haven't done much to expand on that their market place.  They are only targeting the people that have already come out as Apple fanboys with the occasional Convertee that was tired of getting viruses on his Android device.  When you force the 5 main products down the throats of the people that enjoy what you do, over and over without even the slightest change of pace, we will see the results backfire.  Apple is known for being on the higher end of the mobile market by selling only the iPhone and iPad.  Competing with Samsung on the higher, middle class, low end, and lowest end of the market.  Sometimes it makes more business sense to sell to 10 smaller customers rather than hold out and wait for 1 large customer.  If you can ensure the happiness of the 10 small customers, you will inevitably establish a list of return business.  It almost seems like Apple has tried to do this same technique with the higher end of the market.  Which seems like a great idea, until you quit satisfying the customers that are consistently asking for more.  Samsung has been able to live in the shadows, and at times surpass the Goliath Apple Inc. by living in the low and middle class markets.  They have plenty of room to rise and consistently produce high end tech for consumers to indulge, while maintaining a healthy pre-established list of clientele.  The mistake made by Apple is, it strikes a very debatable and at times heated conversation, I believe Apple has already hit their peak.

What Will It Take?
It's simple folks.  Motivation is the answer.  Tim Cook will need to drive and motivate his team to be leaders and innovative thinkers.  When they have a feasibly good idea, they would need to then become doers!  This isn't hard for a company that has already had seat time on top.  But, the trick is coming up with an idea that can keep them there.  It has been reported that Apple has several products "in-the-works." Such as, the iWatch, that was reported by TheTechFixation.com earlier today.  A few others include an iTV, which was widely known as one of Steve Jobs next projects, A final version of Siri, and even and iRadio.

Do I believe and have faith that Apple can stay on top or at least rise again? Of course! I don't need to point out the reasons that they have been able to build their success story.  I simply think Apple needs to step up quickly, or Samsung will bump them out of the spotlight.  If or When that happens, it will be a bit harder to regain leverage over the lead roll once again.


  1. Looking for Apple to pull ahead but, I flat out won't happen. It's sad, but, as long as they stay behind the iPhone and iPad wall they have built themselves there will be no room for growth. They need to be Innovative. Innovation does still exist, right? A $700billion company should be able to come up with something other than a raggedy ol' bug fix and a cheaper iPhone. Anyone agree?

  2. That must have been a hard piece to write. Considering you both such hardened Apple lovers, you make some brilliant arguments. The main being about selling low and lots. Rather than trying to just get a few big sales. They have a closed system and it's starting to lose them repeat custom. If they sell at a lower cost they can capture more people's money through I tunes etc.
    My only criticism is the lack of reference to the quote you made from Brian White. A source would be nice to be able to read what else he said. Really good opinion piece, thank you.