Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New iPhone Powered By Android

Brazilian courts allow IGB to sell iphone legally

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Brazil has slapped the wrists of Apple by allowing IGB Electronica, formerly known as Gradiente Electronica, to Legally sell Android powered phones with the "iPhone" name.  They are doing this with the support of a court ruling, recently deeming that they had claimed the "iPhone" trademark 7 years prior to Apples initial release of the first iPhone, in June of 2007.  Gradiente Electronica will hold the trademark for several more years.  It has been reported that they will maintain possession until the year 2018.

Apple Inc.  has replied and feels that IGB didn't exercise the trademark acquired in 2000 until 12 years after the registration.  The next idea that comes to mind is Apple may have a lawsuit on their hands if IGB Electronica decides to take legal action for trademark infringement.

Photo from the Gradiente Site.

The first Gradiente product carrying the iphone name is called Neo One.  The Gradiente site flares the specs.
Screen - 3.7in
Resolution - 320x480
Frequencies - QuadriBand
3G - Sim
OS - Android 2.3.4
Other Connections - EDGE/GPRS
Camera - 5MP primary, 0.3MP secondary
Bluetooth - Yes

If you are as curious as I was to see what a Brazilian Advertisement looked like while selling and iPhone, please enjoy.

This video is directly from the Gradiente site and can be viewed on YouTube.  It is only displayed to show the sale of Non-Apple "iPhone" product.

Photo as Advertised on the Gradiente site


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