Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mass Effect 3 Expansion Announcing Next Week

If you follow them on Twitter you may have already spotted this, but Bioware employees are teasing the hell out of fans in regards to the next big expansion due for Mass Effect 3.

Casey Hudson tweeted what could be the setting.

Michael Gamble tweeted what could be an arch enemy or companion.

In December, BioWare teased the next single-player expansion for Mass Effect 3, saying it will be "all hands on deck for this one," leading readers to believd it was a major expansion. Additionally, Mass Effect chief composer Sam Hulick has revealed he will contribute to the new content after no involvement with the game's Leviathan and Omega DLC.

Now Chris Priestly has Tweeted an announcement "hopefully next week."

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  1. Hopefully they will announce Mass Effect 4 for PS4 next week!

    Just sayin'

    - Dexter Jaekel