Friday, February 1, 2013

Gamestick's Kickstarter is a Success

PlayJam started a Kickstarter to bring their Android console, Gamestick, to livingrooms of devoted gamers. The GameStick Kickstarter campaign can certainly be called a success. The project ended today just shy of $650K ($647,658 to be precise), resulting in its successful funding nearly six times that of the initial fund mark.

Now all the folks at PlayJam have to do is deliver on the promise of their Kickstarter: produce and ship around 5,500 GameStick's by April (not to mention the Dock, and various special edition versions of the GameStick itself). A tall order, but one no doubt assisted by an infusion of cash six times what PlayJam expected to be working with. The model seen below is the final controller design, remodeled based on feedback from the backers that brought GameStick to life. It's the final model backers will see when their unit arrives this April.

-Daniel, Jedi Editor


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