Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A 41MP Lumia Camera Sensor is.. Intriguing

Nokia has been in the news quite a bit lately.  It is no surprise, as they have a few new additions to their staff which brings a new pilot light to the company that is, without pointing out the obvious, needed!

They are bringing new tech to their new products.  When the phrase 'new tech' is used people, especially consumers, put up a wall of skepticism.  They are implementing a 41MP camera sensor to its Lumia series of the Windows 8 handsets.  Now, keep in mind that a camera sensor isn't implying that it will be taking an overall 41MP still shot.  The camera sensor will not have the ability to produce large high quality images.  Rather, it is targeting more of a significantly improved image in a low light situation.

The job that the sensor will be completing is to eliminate extreme amounts of flawed data recorded by each picture taken.  Flawed data meaning, at large or high ISO ratings (extreme amounts of light is registered) there is typically significant amounts of what is known as "Noise".  Knowing good and well that most are wondering how a picture can be noisy, I'll further into an explanation.  A picture with noise is basically a photo with a large amount of random colored spots littering the shot.  An action to help control some of this, is done by the CCD sensors.  These sensors in series with our new 41MP sensor make up the "Pureview Sensor System".

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