Thursday, February 28, 2013

Help Connor Decide His Next Platinum

#PlatinumPledge for March you decide!

Hey readers, I need your help.

I've just finished my #PlatinumPledge for February on Uncharted: Golden Abyss on PSVita. I also managed to catch up on my January #PlatinumPledge on Uncharted3: Drake's Deception earlier in the month.
Now I'm stuck on what to play for my March #PlatinumPledge. I've already decided that this years is going to be the year of "Prequels & Threequels." So as I have some time off during March I thought I'd challenge myself a little further by going from zero to Platinum on one of two games in my pile of shame.

This is where you all come in. I'd like you to vote in the comments on whether it should be Farcry3 or Saint's Row: The Third.

I know they're both supposed to be great games but for very different reasons. Should I take to the Island and face the madness of first person survival or should I just have a laugh and beat people with elephant dildos and fly ViTOLs.

I'm gonna go with whatever you guys decide. Would love you to give a reason as to why I should play that specific game too. I'll leave it to Rich & Dexter to inform me of the final decision on this weekends podcast.

Cheers, @vdjomb



  1. There I was thinking we could choose any game for you, MGS4 would have been my suggestion. I vote Saints Row The Third.

    1. Thanks for the vote.
      Not a chance of MGS4 this year but that does bring up something else.
      What is the progress of Dexter's year long #PlatinumPledge on MGS4?

  2. Replies
    1. See above but a real vote would be appreciated.

  3. Replies
    1. Will that's Dexter's vote.

      What about Rich & the other writer's & readers?

    2. Id normally say Far Cry 3. but id really love to see what it takes to obtain the platinum for Saints Row The Third. Ill get your opinion when you're finished.

      Good Luck Buddy!


  4. Well I platinumed SR3 in about 45 hrs and Far Cry 3 in about 20. You should go for both pal!

  5. Well I platinumed SR3 in about 45 hrs and Far Cry 3 in about 20. You should go for both pal!

    1. Thanks.
      I've only got some time off so can't commit to both. Which did you prefer?

      Also not sure my pride feelings could take hearing another "FAILURE".

    2. No pressure but, I must worn you. I Never hold back when a good "FAILURE!!" delivery is in order.

    3. I know cos you gave me one at beginning of Feb. I've also had a few others :-P

  6. SAINTS ROW 3!!! I have been looking for any excuse to jump back into that, so if you want some cooperative help then let me know.

  7. So up to now on Twitter It's 4 votes for Farcry3 and only 1 vote for Saint's row the Third.

    Looks like Saint's Row The Third is winning 3:1 in the comments.

    So running total is Farcry3 has 5 votes & 4 for Saint's Row The Third.

    Close run thing. If you haven't voted yet you can still make a difference. If yo

    1. Far Cry 3, but make sure you play SR3 eventually. Great game.

    2. Another 3 votes on Twitter.

      2 for Saints row 3rd & 1 farcry3 plus Roger's gives a running total of 7 to 6 in Farcry3's favour.

    3. I've just has two replies from reviewers on @PSAccess (EU PlayStation review & news program) voting for Farcry3, another 2 votes on twitter for the same and 1 more for SR3rd.
      Looks like the vote is 11 to 7 for Farcry3.
      I won't start it until the guys confirm it during the podcast.

  8. Thanks everyone who voted.

    I'm just installing Farcry3 now after the stupidly long patch download and game install.

    Roll on PS4! I don't want to have to lose gaming time waiting to play something when time is sparse.