Monday, January 28, 2013

Will BB10 Be A Bust?

This week RIM will finally give tech enthusiasts and consumers what they have been waiting for.  Whether it was intentional or not, information was leaked regarding the specs of BB10 and a couple of the phones in what is known as the "L series".

Why would you go back to the physical keyboard?
Many would claim that digital is where all tech is headed.  So why would a "next generation" piece of hardware try to put life back into the old way of typing?  Blackberry is known for trying to make a name for themselves and doing what they can to carry what has already been built.  The leaked image below was spread quickly and had the rumor mill fired up!  My opinion, it just doesn't make sense.  

The Competition
Will the splash back into the mobile market be enough to compete with the iPhone, Galaxy S III, or Any of the Notes? The minute that the details have been announced, we will all have our worries and questions settled.  I will further my spoken opinion by stating that I have no reason to believe RIM will pull out of the hole that has already been dug.

Written and Edited by Rich - CEO of & TechFixation's Podcast



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