Thursday, January 24, 2013

HTC M7 to be Announced in London in February, Twitter Insider Suggests

by Caleb Smith

While CES saw a lot of new and exciting tech, the rumor of the HTC M7 unveiling went unfulfilled. Although reliable sources indicated that HTC was planning to announce their new flagship device at the show, as it passed us by, we heard no word of the phone.

While some of us were trying to conceal our grief and hope that it will be revealed in the Mobile World Congress in London, tech industry insider 'Flavio' posted on Twitter today that the handset isn't far away from announcement. He tweeted, "[Exclusive] HTC M7 to be launched during a dedicated event on February 19th, probably in London, not at #MWC13, [...] let's say that with many years of work in the field I have my connections."

According to this tweet, HTC is planning on unveiling the phone BEFORE MWC, which takes place at the end of Febuary. So, wipe your tears, phone nerds; Our promised phone will come soon.

HTC M7 Features (Rumored):

4.7-inch display
1080p full HD resolution

1.7GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor
32GB internal storage

Image sources: Twitter, Unwired View


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