Thursday, April 4, 2013

Lets Breakdown Thief's Screenshots

This could easily be assumed as a still from a cinematic. Could be the opening of the game or a monumental plot point.

We're unsure if your bow can be upgraded or not but that arrow sure looks fancy. Stealth-based games like Hitman and Assassin's Creed require a certain essence of patience, strategy, and coordination. Eidos has stated that Thief will take those skills to a new level. This screenshot is taken at a moment where Garret is aiming at the fire-pit; could those fancy arrows manipulate the flame somehow? Water-arrows?

Patience goes hand=in-hand with timing so taking out more than one foe at a time will be inevitable. Memorize how the guards act and the patterns they follow. Your wit is sure to help you.

Many places to hide and many things to steal. The only problem is how you're going to fit all of it in your satchel. 

Watching NPCs will take up quite a bit of gameplay as Garret has to learn who his targets are without getting too close. He'll have to time his movements precisely and figure out ways of distracting his targets.

Agile and acrobatic has a cat-burglar Garret will be able to take out victims from up above Sam Fisher style. The only worry is finding the right moment to strike. Be wary of nearby opponents as you could be in their line of sight.

Learning crucial information is all in a day's work for Garret. Being in the right place at the right time could prove very rewarding.

Lock-picking is as crucial as breathing for a thief. As Garret you'll be up to your neck in broken lock-picks and fickle tumblers. The harder the lock the better the spoils.

This image looks like it is from a cinematic; possibly the opening of the game. Garret makes a leap of faith to evade pursuers. In his right hand it looks as though he is wielding a grappling hook.

Pay close attention to the movements of your enemies. Learning what they do or listening to what their plans are could be life or death.

This hazy image could be a special ability Garret posses in order to see specific items, quest markers, or enemies.
Close quarters hand-to-hand combat looks prevalent in Thief. Stealing an enemy's weapon could serve useful but timing is everything. You can clear a room with your skill in murder or sneak through without a whisper.
Garret seems to be taking to the rooftops in this image. There is no doubt that Eidos will take cues from Assassin's Creed but the real question is how much will they imitate?

Gold. Everything is always better with gold. Whether this is a mission item, a personal conquest, or a potion this object is important.

There is no telling what Garret is unleashing and learning in this image but the object definitely reminds me of stars and galaxies, but looks like a cipher. I'm assuming this piece belongs to a larger puzzle of the main quest.

Could be another cinematic image. Same with the one below.

Shadows and blind corners are a thief's best friends. There is no doubt that many missions you are tasked with will place you in highly populated rooms and areas. It's your challenge to overcome such impossible possibilities.
From the looks of it cinematic executions could be used to add a bit more flare in your homicidal gameplay. Different weapons would trigger different methods.

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