Thursday, March 7, 2013

Nvidia brings PhysX and APEX to PS4

by Dexter Jaekel

Today, Nvidia made the announcement that they will be supporting the PlayStation 4 with PhysX and APEX. These are popular tools for game designers and will supply them with easy access to simulators for rigid bodies, fluids, and clothing, as well as collision detection. Nvidia's support for the PlayStation 4 is yet another positive sign for Sony's upcoming Console. During Sony's press conference, where they unveiled the PlayStation 4, they spoke a lot about how easily accessible the console would be for developers to use. Having support from more and more software companies, like Nvidia, will only help put weight behind Sony's claims.

I'm still holding out hope that the TressFX Software from AMD will find it's way to PlayStation 4. After watching footage of the new Tomb Raider running on ultrahigh settings for PC with TressFX turned on, my mind is reeling with possibilities. I can't wait to see that level of hair effects on a console.

Written by Dexter Jaekel
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