Friday, March 29, 2013

GDC Tech Demo Recap; Unreal 4 & FOX

Unreal Engine 4 'Elemental' Tech Demo Running on PlayStation 4 Extended Version

This tech demo, titled "Elemental," spotlights an armoured boss-type character sitting like a dormant volcano in an abandoned-looking hall. He is suddenly awakened by a gust of wind and snow flying into his sanctum, and proceeds to call forth lava to awaken magical mechanisms and free him from his frozen throne.

"Elemental" was originally revealed last June; this version is declared to be running in real time on the PS4.

Unreal Engine 4 'Infiltrator' Tech Demo Running on a single GTX 680

Epic debuted its new "Infiltrator" tech demo to partners, press, and prospective customers behind closed doors at GDC 13 earlier today. Epic vice president Mark Rein introduced Infiltrator as an entirely real-time demonstration of Unreal Engine 4's capabilities.

Fox Engine Tech Demo

Kojima Productions lifted the veil on the FOX engine when Hideo took to the stage at GDC for his presentation where he revealed Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. FOX Engine matches up to real world environments and settings, revealing a process wherein a complex scan renders the image or person in excruciatingly realistic detail. 


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