Friday, March 1, 2013

Beyond: Two Souls Releasing Oct. 8th

Finally! Quantic Dream's dramatic game starring Ellen Page has finally been given a release date and it is October 8, 2013.

You ready for the real exciting news? Willem Dafoe has been announced as a major cast member. Beyond has already had me weeping over not owning a PS3 but now I know it contains one of my favorite actors; sad news for me.

Dafoe plays a scientist by the name of Nathan Dawkins who treats and tutors the younger version of Ellen Page's character. Not many details are known about the story but Willem can play a great villain so I'd love to see his acting range as an out-of-control doctor.

If you pre-order at GameStop you'll get a 30-minute DLC playable scene. Plus all pre-orders will be upgraded to a special edition steelbook containing the soundtrack, avatars, extra content, and a dynamic theme.


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