Thursday, March 14, 2013

American McGee Wants to Create Alice 3

American McGee, known for Alice, Doom II, and Quake, has had a rough few years. After the cult success of Alice, McGee went on to create the sequel, Alice: Madness Returns, but claimed EA, the right holder, had marketed the game as a horror title and portrayed the game to the wrong demographic. Most recently McGee crafted Akaneiro: Demon Hunters, his take on Little Red Riding Hood, and just barely got funding through KickStarter.

Now according to his facebook, McGee is thinking about making his Alice saga a trilogy. He posed questions to fans about their opinions on a third Alice game, then further asked fans to "make some noise" if they are interested in the idea. "I'm trying to gauge interest in case I happen to discuss this with EA during GDC in 2 weeks," he wrote. "The more interest there is, the more seriously they'll take the conversation."

The are big questions that need answers in order for American McGee to get his game:

  1. Will EA fund or lend aide in the KickStarter ultimately leading as publisher?
  2. Would EA allow McGee to obtain the rights to Alice?
  3. What is the likelyhood that EA will shutdown the project due to McGee's comments about their previous engagements and marketing techniques?
I would personally love to have another Alice game. American McGee does Lewis Carrol proud.



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