Monday, March 18, 2013

A Closer Look at Kojima's FOX Engine

                           Kojima Production's FOX Engine <  |  > Actual Photograph

The internet is swirling with rumours and alleged news about The Phantom Pain and what could be another Metal Gear game. In out huge feature on The Phantom Pain we included the GTTV interview with, "CEO" of Moby Dick Studios, Joakim Mogren. At the end of the interview Geoff Keighley points out that two screenshots shown to him of The Phantom Pain contained the FOX engine logo.

Konami will be using the Fox Engine for PES 2014 and also other unannounced next-gen PS4 games and this new photo comparison from PSMania shows the engine in action. To the right is a photo and left is a screenshot from Fox Engine.
You can still see some apparent distinguishing features that gives the illusion away:
• The polygon edges on the ear are prevalent and you can also see them on the lower parts of the nostrils.

• Hair is always a hard feature to pull off and here you can see the lack of hair strains and their delicate fidelity are not the same. While the eye brow is almost identical you can see the unnatural evenness of the eyelashes  compared to the more random real-life appearance.

• The strong light (simulates a flash) gives off an unnatural and monotone color flesh tone compared to the photo. As you can see in the reflection of the eyeball two light sources has been set up for this render.

• Random blemishes, birth marks, freckles and other imperfections of the skin are usually details that makes a person look realistic, they are largely missing here.

• The shadow between the lips and inside the ear is too strong which suggest that the flesh itself doesn’t have enough translucency (transparency) as real skin.

Hideo's FOX Engine looks great, but we cannot forget about the absolutely absurd things Square Enix is showing us with the Luminous Engine and Epic's Unreal 4 has quite the powerful punch yet exquisite beauty.
The future of gaming looks so bright.


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