Monday, March 11, 2013

700 Free Marvel Comics promotion postponed recently announced that they were doing a promotion where visitors to the site could get over 700 free first issues of Marvel comics. However, once word got out, the site's servers couldn't handle the load, and for about 36 hours the site has been up and down, and even when it was up, it was slow to the point of barely working.
Comixology's staff through their Twitter account assured the raving mob that they were working on the "mega-fix" for the "mega-lag" as word continued to spread and increasing amounts of people attempted to log into the site. Three separate Twitter accounts were created in order to deal with the intense assailing of the customer support.
And today,'s CEO and co-founder David Steinberger announced that they were stalling the promotion until a fix could be found for the onslaught on their servers.
"We expected a high degree of excitement for the Marvel initiative – and had believed ourselves prepared – but unfortunately we became overwhelmed by the immense response," he said on Comixology's blog. "We’re still struggling to keep our systems up."
Steinberger went on to talk about the difficulties people were having with obtaining the comics, and then said that Comixology is "pausing the Marvel Comics #1 promotion for the time being." Steinberger assures us that we will be able to take advantage of the promotion as soon as they "reinstate the program in their systems."
If you would like to get an update on when the promotion is starting back up again, you can go here to fill out a form hat will notify you. While visiting probably isn't the best idea right now, you can check out their Twitter and Facebook pages for more comics news and reviews.
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