Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Squids Can Now Fly; Confirmed by Marine Biologists

In what sounds like a nightmarish tale mixing Alfred Hitchcock's "Birds" and Hentai horror. Marine biologists have discovered, stood back in shock and awe, and have now confirmed that squids can fly. That's not a typo; the cephalapods can emerge out of the ocean and fly to lengths of 98 feet!

According to the researchers, the squid is able to accomplish this by shooting a powerful jet of water out from their funnel-like stems. Once they're out of the water, they glide by spreading out their fins and arms. This configuration creates aerodynamic lift, enabling the squid to keep a stable arc on its flight. Consequently, the researchers say the squid is truly flying, and not just jumping. And indeed, the technique allows the squid to remain airborne for as much as three seconds at a time.

We're watching evolution happen before our eyes. Amazing.

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